Eco Sciences CBD Shots (ECOSHOTS)


“ECOSHOTS™ Focused Energy was formulated to provide a quick boost with its blend of caffeine, Vitamin B2, B3, B6, and taurine, in addition to 25mg of pure CBD isolate. Focused Energy comes in a delicious berry flavor and provides the perfect vitamin supplements to keep energy up throughout the day.

ECOSHOTS™ Chill Relaxation comes in a yummy grape flavor and includes a special blend of Gaba, Kava, and the terpene L-Theanine, as well as 25mg of pure CBD isolate. There is no caffeine in Chill Relaxation, so it’s fine to drink right before bed.”

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“Enjoy by itself or mix with other beverages

Our ECOSHOTS™ offer great flexibility for those with a busy schedule. Each shot contains 25mg of purified CBD mixed with a delicious berry or grape flavor. These ECOSHOTS™ are perfect to take throughout the day, whether you are busy at work or unwinding after a long week.”

Eco Sciences CBD Shots

Chill Relaxation, Focused Energy


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