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Palo Santo or “Holy Wood” (Bursera Graveolens) is a naturally fragrant wood revered for thousands of years by the Incas and natives of the Andes as a spiritual means of purification and cleansing. The sacred smoke and healing fragrance of this natural wood incense, a citrusy relative of frankincense, is often used by shamans in sacred ceremonies. Our 100% pure, high quality Palo Santo is wild harvested by indigenous natives of Peru from naturally fallen tree branches.

Instructions: Light the tip and allow the wood to burn for about 30 seconds before extinguishing the flame, and place in a fireproof holder. Palo Santo can be re-lit many times, for the desired effect.

More Information
Fragrance Palo Santo
Length 4 inch
Package type 6 Sticks
Product Form Sticks


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